A Much-Needed Win for Property Rights

With each of President Trump’s appointments to the judiciary, and especially to the Supreme Court, the activist Left has tried to scare Americans into believing that they are creating judges and courts with no common sense or fairness.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. And clear, non-partisan evidence of this comes through every so often with a ruling that is both revolutionary in nature and broadly agreed to by jurists from widely divergent political backgrounds.

Last week, a unanimous Supreme Court ruled that law enforcement can no longer make grossly disproportionate seizures of property, even from people who owe money after being convicted of crimes.

Tyson Timbs, having pleaded guilty to a drug-related crime, was given a year of home detention and put into a treatment program. But he owed $1,203 to the State of Indiana. The Hoosier State chose to recoup, through a civil forfeiture action, his obligation by seizing his $42,000 Land Rover, which he had purchased recently with money that came from the life insurance policy of his deceased father.

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