See Who’s Next in Line If Virginia’s Top Three Dems Are Out

In light of the controversy engulfing the top officials in Virginia’s state government, it’s possible that the state could fall out of Democratic hands and into Republican leadership.

Governor Ralph Northam is still embroiled in the controversy of a racist photo resurfaced from his 1984 yearbook, prompting calls from virtually every Democrat that matters for his resignation. Today, Attorney General Mark Herring admitted that he once wore blackface while Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax is reportedly using profanity against his sexual assault accuser behind closed doors.

There’s no telling if this flurry of scandal will bring down the three heads of Virginia, but if it does, it’s worth considering the fact that Kirk Cox, the House of Delegates Speaker and 4th in line for the governorship, is a Republican.

From Article V, Section 16 of Virginia’s Constitution:

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