Trump’s Shutdown FAILED. Here’s What He Can Do.

President Trump’s shutdown logic seems to have been that if he made his demand for a wall loud enough and inflicted enough pain, Democrats would give in. They didn’t. That should be the final word on shutdowns: Taking the country hostage is not an effective negotiating strategy.

Speaking from the Rose Garden on Friday, Trump endorsed a bill that would temporarily reopen the government for three weeks.

The stopgap legislation comes as federal agencies were facing severe pressure points and federal employees were set to go without two consecutive paychecks. In addition, federal courts were close to running out of money, air travel unions issued a dire warning about flight safety risks, and the Coast Guard, the FBI, and other key services were operating without funds, among other increasingly painful federal shortages.

Endorsing this proposal is not victory for Trump. After willingly taking the blame for the shutdown in December, the punishing effect of the lack of federal funds for key agencies has eroded public support and dampened the economy. After 34 days of uncertainly, Trump emerged empty-handed on his signature campaign goal of building a wall.

Read more at the Washington Examiner.

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Warren Domke
Warren Domke
5 years ago

Glad to see a Republican commentary that isn’t “drinking the Kool-aid.”

The wall is a stupid idea that won’t cure illegal immigration or stop terrorism and it won’t even stop or slow down the drug trade.

Mr Trump may have a brain but he should stop taking it out and playing with it. I hope the GOP is at least considering a new candidate for 2020…