Rising Star Turned Down VP Offer Because of Anti-Trump Abuser

Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa says she turned down the opportunity to be Donald Trump’s running mate in the 2016 election because of her strained relationship with her husband.

“In the summer of 2016, I was interviewed by Candidate Trump to be vice president of the United States. I turned Candidate Trump down, knowing it wasn’t the right thing for me or my family,” according to an affidavit filed as part of divorce proceedings, the Guardian reported. “I continued to make sacrifices and not soar higher out of concern for Gail and our family.”

Ernst and her husband, Gail, have been married for 26 years, and announced their divorce last August.

In the affidavit, the Iowa Republican said Gail Ernst “hated any successes I had and would belittle me and get angry any time I achieved a goal,” according to the Guardian.

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