WATCH: Levin Blasts Schumer, Pelosi Out of the Water

Fox News host Mark Levin called Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) “pathological liars” and “scam artists” late Tuesday night following their response to President Trump’s Oval Office address on the border wall.

“First of all, the president gave an outstanding speech. It was concise. It was compassionate and truly compassionate,” Levin, who hosts the weekend prime-time program, “Life, Liberty and Levin,” told the network’s Sean Hannity during an interview. “He provided the context both in terms of what’s going on in the border, the expense, which is de minimis, and who’s really responsible.”

“Let’s keep a few things in mind when you watch Schumer and Pelosi. They’re pathological liars,” he continued in pivoting to the Democratic response to the president’s address. “They’ve been in Congress over half a century. What the hell have they done about the border? Nothing. They’re part of the scam artists. They get amnesty, legalization, citizenship, and never secure the border.”

“Just spend billions and trillions more, more debt, more deficits, on the redistribution of wealth, on $200 billion a year on illegal aliens,” he concluded. “One more time — they fooled Reagan. They fooled Bush 41. They fooled Bush 43. But they’re not going to fool Donald Trump who has got tougher than Pelosi and Schumer.”

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