White House Denies Secret Overtures to Hostile Power

AMMAN, Jordan—The Trump administration on Tuesday denied claims by senior Iranian officials that the United States has been making secret overtures to Tehran in pursuit of backchannel talks, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

A senior aide to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei claimed earlier this week that the Trump administration approached Tehran late last year in Afghanistan to seek high-level meetings with Iran amid a flurry of regional issues concerning Tehran’s continued support of terrorism and its expansionist foreign policy pursuits.

“During my visit to Kabul last month, the Americans … asked to hold talks,” Ali Shamkhani, a top official in Iran’s Supreme National Security Council who enjoys close ties with Khamenei, was quoted as saying in multiple regional reports carried by Iran’s state-controlled media.

U.S. officials quickly slapped down the reports when approached by the Free Beacon for comment, but said President Donald Trump remains open to renewed negotiations with Iran.

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