Trump Shares Mock White House Slogan

President Donald Trump didn’t waste time going after Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) after she signaled a run for the presidency in 2020, tweeting out a graphic Thursday that clearly mocked her widely panned DNA test rollout last year.

With no accompanying words, Trump tweeted a campaign-style graphic that said “Warren 1/2020th,” a play on her 2020 ambitions and the test showing she could have as little as 1/1,024th Native American ancestry.

Trump has frequently referred to Warren derisively as “Pocahontas” for her longtime claims of having Native American ancestry. Warren listed herself as Native American while teaching at the University of Pennsylvania Law School from 1987 to 1995 and then at Harvard Law School beginning in 1995, and the unproven claim became a sore spot during her 2012 run for the U.S. Senate against Scott Brown.

Warren released a DNA test in October showing she could have an ancestor between six and 10 generations back, and she demanded Trump pony up the $1 million he had promised if she could prove her claims.

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