Mueller Targets Turn on Each Other

Political trickster Roger Stone appears to have turned on Jerome Corsi.

In an Instagram post Sunday, Stone said the man he has called a “friend” was working with special counsel Robert Mueller to trap him with a perjury charge.

“So Jerry Corsi was working with Mueller to sandbag me on a fabricated perjury charge,” Stone said in a post Sunday morning along with a photo of Corsi.

“Mueller’s minion even promised Corsi no jail time if he would lie and say he gave me John Podesta’s stolen e-mails (which he did NOT) Then they were going to say I passed them on to Trump (which I did NOT),” Stone added. “Jerry was willing to LIE about me but not himself! Now Jerry is lying about legitimate research he did for me regarding the Podesta brothers lucrative business in Russia.”

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