Trump’s Secret Weapon Has Dems Worried

President Donald Trump’s huge cash reserves for the 2020 election has the Democratic Party concerned, with its leader asking supporters for donations to catch up.

The Federal Election Commission revealed in October that Trump has over $100 million in cash on hand for the 2020 presidential race. Trump — who prepared for 2020 almost immediately after the last presidential election — raised more than $18 million in the last quarter via his campaigning committee and through fundraising ventures with the Republican National Committee.

The Republican president’s huge war chest is prompting Democrats to solicit for more donations.

“Now, we face our greatest challenge yet: Taking back the White,” Democratic Party Chairman Tom Perez wrote in a fundraising email to supporters. “Donald Trump already has years of campaigning under his belt and $100 million in the bank. It’s our job to build a strong, strategic party infrastructure that will give our Democratic nominee the best shot at taking him on and winning back the White House.”

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