GOP Senator’s Harassment During Kavanaugh Confirmation Far Worse Than Reported

On Oct. 5, weeks after the first unverified allegation of sexual abuse came out against Brett Kavanaugh, Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, announced she would vote to confirm the conservative judge to the Supreme Court.

The Senate voted to confirm Kavanaugh the next day, Collins’ vote clinching him the necessary support.

Because she was one of a handful of moderate senators whose votes would decide whether the judge would be seated on the court, Collins was targeted for vicious harassment by anti-Kavanaugh activists even before her October Senate address. Though contemporaneous news accounts suggested that the targeting of Collins was bad, it looks like it was far worse than anything that was reported at the time.

On Thursday, the senator went into detail, describing what it was like being one of two female senators (the other being Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska) whose votes decided whether Brett Kavanaugh would be the next Supreme Court Justice.

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