North Carolina Republicans Open to New Congressional Election

Moments ago, CNN’s Jim Sciutto reported that Dallas Woodhouse, the Executive Director of the North Carolina Republican Party since 2015, is now open to a new election in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional district.

Drew Griffin also reported that Woodhouse will support holding an entirely new election if it turns out that the allegations of election fraud are in fact true.

“Clearly if what you reported is verified by the state board of elections … there has to be a new election, and if … [they] rise to a level of turning the outcome and this race, we’re having substantial likelihood there has to be a new election,” Woodhouse said, according to David Wright of CNN.

In the NC-9 race, Republican Mark Harris appeared to have defeated Democrat Dan McCready 138,893 to 137,895 votes (49.3% – 48.9%), but evidence of election fraud have popped up.