Speaking of Hate, One Dem Rising Star Promotes It

In her Minneapolis Star Tribune op-ed on the FBI’s just released 2017 Hate Crimes Report, Minnesota Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar presents herself as a sort of apostle of love. Omar decries the increase in reported hate crimes. However, she immediately attributes this increase to President Trump. As Omar puts it in her first paragraph: “The culture of intolerance spread by President Donald Trump has clearly emboldened racist individuals to acts of violence.” Something tells me that Omar’s message of love is a thinly disguised invitation to hate — to hate President Trump and his supporters, anyway.

Omar notes the increase in anti-religious hate crimes committed against Jews (up 37 percent) as well as the fact that Jews have been the foremost target of hate crimes since the FBI started keeping these statistics. But Omar doesn’t ask who is committing those crimes.

However, it isn’t long before she steps forward as a victim herself: “Like members of the Jewish community, I know how it feels to be hated because of my religious beliefs. Almost one in five hate crimes committed last year was motivated by religious bias, with 18.1 percent committed against Muslims — well above the historical averages before President Trump’s election.”

Omar habitually portrays herself as a victim. It’s an irritating tic. But she has not been the victim of any reported hate crime. A young refugee to the United States from Somalia, Omar was elected to Congress at the age of 36. This achievement must make her one of the most fortunate citizens of the United States. Her claim to victimhood represents the new style of American assimilation.

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