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California Republicans Reach the Point of Desperation – GOP Presidential

California Republicans Reach the Point of Desperation

California Republicans, long in the wilderness, have now reached the point of desperation.

As of this writing, California Democrats had won every statewide race, a supermajority in both houses of the state legislature, and were on track to pick up as many as seven congressional districts. When all the votes are counted, Orange County — once considered the country’s “Most Republican County” — won’t have a single Republican representative in Washington, D.C.

A convenient narrative has formed: California Republicans are a casualty of President Trump. Yet, the party’s problems have been around longer and run much deeper than any one person. From money to grassroots organization, California Republicans are completely outmatched.

Money: This election, California campaign spending exceeded $1 billion with $287 million spent on California’s congressional campaigns. Overwhelmingly, this massive spending aided Democrats. In California, Democrats have achieved fundraising domination thanks to two billionaires, labor unions, and even the state’s business community bankrolling year-round campaigns.

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