Defeated Rep. Blames John McCain For Loss… on Veterans Day

Most first-term midterm elections see a shift in the balance of power for the party of the chief executive, and 2018 was no exception to the rule as the House changed hands from a Republican majority to a Democratic one. But that proof of history wasn’t enough for Minnesota seat-loser Jason Lewis, who in a Wall Street Journal op-ed blamed a man who is not alive for the defeat.

Lewis, a die-hard Trumpist, spared no recrimination for President Donald Trump or even his own poorly-run race and aggressively bad track record for the loss. Instead, the failed candidate, formerly a third-tier right wing talk radio host, blamed the fact that John McCain voted against last year’s Obamacare repeal; That’s the “skinny” repeal, which McCain famously torpedoed on the grounds that it would gut coverage protections for pre-existing conditions.

Lewis’ rationale, such as it was, was that McCain’s reason was a lie (it wasn’t), that it meant the Republican failure to fix the ACA in a way that satisfied voters was McCain’s fault (it wasn’t), and that it therefore decided House races against Republicans, especially his own loss, for which he was otherwise personally blameless (he wasn’t).

On Twitter, Lewis’ decision to blame his failings on a dead war hero didn’t go over great. The Weekly Standard‘s Haley Byrd eviscerated Lewis and the Wall Street Journal for the article.

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