The Reason Why the GOP Lost the House That No One’s Talking About

OPINION — Did the 2018 midterm electorate break new political ground as the media had predicted for months or was it déjà vu all over again? The answer is both.

In my last column before the election, I suggested that four key measurements would tell the story of this year’s midterms: party ID, ideology, turnout by unique voter groups (young voters and women), and how independents break.

So, what happened? Two key stats didn’t change much — party ID and ideology.

In 2006, Republicans relied on a negative base strategy that was ineffective in connecting with independents. This year was a repeat. In a number of my previous columns, I argued that Republicans needed to put their focus on voters and the economy to make what has almost always been “the No. 1 issue, the No. 1 issue.”

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