Mob at Fox Star’s House Serious Threat to Freedom

What’s a bigger threat to our freedom of the press — a reporter losing his White House press pass or a commentator being targeted at his home by a threatening mob?

On Wednesday, two news media figures became the story themselves. CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta was stripped of his credentials following an incident during a press conference with President Trump. When a female White House intern motioned for him to surrender the microphone following a nasty exchange, he refused. As she reached for it, the White House said, he placed his hand on her.

The other media member story was of Antifa members surrounding the home of Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson. “We know where you sleep at night” chanted the group in a video it posted to social media.

The mob vandalized the Carlsons’ driveway with graffiti, tried to break down their front door, shared the family’s address on social media and encouraged others to confront him.

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