Meet a GOP Woman of Color The Media All But Ignored

The Republican candidate for California’s 39th Congressional District, Young Kim embodies everything liberals claim to love: She’s an immigrant (from Korea), a woman of color at that, educated and experienced both in politics and the private sector. And most importantly, she’s a Republican who resists Trump on rhetoric, immigration, and trade. But odds are you’ve never heard of her. That’s no mistake.

If elected to replace Republican Rep. Ed Royce, Kim would become the first Korean-American woman elected to Congress, a notable first in an election cycle characterized largely by demographic hype. After all, Ilhan Omar made the cover of New York magazine for likely becoming one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress — coverage that ignored the bizarre controversy surrounding her personal life, which she refuses to address. So why shouldn’t the national news media fete Kim in gushing profiles?

Unlike some other prominent California politicians, Kim is a self-made woman. She forged her own path in California politics. Although the heavily diverse and immigrant-heavy 39th District flipped for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, Kim is an immigrant running on a pro-DACA and pro-chain migration platform, catering to the fiscally conservative but mostly socially libertarian interests of her district. If the successful immigrant constituency epitomizes the ideal district for Democrats to flip, then Kim is the only kind of woman to keep it red.

Despite the media’s laser focus on Orange County, famously a conservative dot on California’s deep blue coast, the media have largely ignored Kim. The likes of POLITICO Magazine and the Washington Post have found the page space to laud Rashida Tlaib, the other presumptive first Muslim woman in Congress who, like Omar, has flirted with embracing a one-state solution eradicating the state of Israel. Yet the Los Angeles Times, Kim’s own county paper, failed to profile her until a month ago, and ABC just did a few days ago.

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