Why is No One Mentioning Beto’s BIGGEST Skeleton?

Rep. Beto O’Rourke’s, D-Texas, 1998 drunken driving accident isn’t the only thing his media profilers have ignored.

The New York Times did a fine job this week detailing the Democratic Senate candidate’s shady history of political backscratching, including a real-estate deal he championed when he served on the El Paso City Council that would’ve benefited his billionaire father-in-law, developer William D. Sanders.

Sanders’ bid to turn a historically Mexican-American neighborhood into a shopping epicenter ultimately failed, sparing the Latino residents the pain of being displaced and/or losing their homes to eminent domain. But not for Councilman O’Rourke’s lack of trying. One of the chief takeaways from the Times report is that O’Rourke has more in common with gentrifying Brooklyn hipsters than he does with truly grassroots populists, as my Washington Examiner colleague Siraj Hashmi noted.

But two more takeaways occurred to me.

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