Trump Goes All In On Montana

BUTTE, Mont. — Jon Tester would be a near lock for reelection if Montana’s Senate race came down to the classic test of which candidate voters would rather have a beer with.

In fact, devouring a slice of carrot cake at a diner last week, the burly farmer-turned-Democratic senator says he could use a cold one right then.

“I’d have a beer, but beer doesn’t go very well” with his afternoon treat, Tester explains after a long day of campaigning.

Unfortunately for him, Republicans and President Donald Trump are determined to make the race anything but a beer test between Tester and Matt Rosendale, the intense and buttoned-up Republican candidate, who hails from Maryland. To the extent it’s a popularity contest, they want it to be Tester vs. Trump, who carried the state by 20 points in 2016 and remains popular there today.

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