NRCC Preforms Triage to Save Majority

The House Republicans’ campaign arm on Friday cut its reservation in what’s long been one of the most competitive districts in the country and redirected that money, plus some more, to a Florida district that wasn’t expected to be seriously in play several months ago.

The National Republican Campaign Committee cut a $1 million reservation in Colorado’s 6th District, where GOP Rep. Mike Coffman is running for re-election. A perennial Democratic target, Coffman has proved elusive in past cycles. But running against veteran Jason Crow in a favorable national environment for Democrats, he looks to be in trouble this year. Inside Elections With Nathan L. Gonzales rates the race Tilts Democratic.

Congressional Leadership Fund, the super PAC backed by House GOP leadership, cut off Coffman last month. At the time, the NRCC upped its reservations in the district. But Friday’s triaging of that money suggests Republicans are now unified in their belief that Coffman is unlikely to win.

Instead of helping Coffman, the NRCC is now investing $1.5 million in Florida’s 27th District, an open seat that long looked favorable to Democrats.

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