GOP Aide Details Scary Confrontation With Abusive Soros Op

A Republican campaign aide said Friday on “Fox & Friends” she was “terrified” when a Democratic operative physically confronted her at a campaign rally in Nevada.

Kristin Davison, campaign manager for Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt, said after a campaign rally Tuesday night in Las Vegas she was confronted aggressively by a “very large gentleman.”

Davison said the man was shouting at Laxalt, “shoving” his phone into their faces and bumping into staffers as he chased after them.

“We entered a private room [and] this gentleman pushed his way through the door. I got trapped between the door and the wall, and had this gentleman kind of put my arm behind my back and he held on to it and just kept pushing and screaming at our candidate,” said Davison, who provided photos of bruises left on her arm.

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