Billionaire’s Trump Impeachment Gains Momentum

Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer claims to be building a juggernaut political operation in support of impeaching President Trump, rallying the base and creating a “digital army” for the cause even as Democratic lawmakers remain publicly divided over the issue.

“We’re not going away,” Kevin Mack, the lead strategist at Need to Impeach, told Fox News. “We’re going to hold President Trump accountable.”

Steyer — the billionaire hedge fund manager, environmental activist and major Democratic donor — launched Need to Impeach last year, with the aim of booting Trump out of the Oval Office. Earlier this week, the campaign announced it had signed up 6 million supporters and is holding a town hall in Newark on Saturday to mark its first anniversary.

Since the launch, Need to Impeach has hosted dozens of town halls, run 15 national commercials and pumped millions into a get-out-the-vote effort meant to “mobilize impeachment supporters” in next month’s midterms. Steyer’s goal to at least launch impeachment proceedings depends on Democrats claiming control of the House next month.