O’Keefe Claims ANOTHER Deep State Scalp

In the latest installment of Project Veritas’ undercover video series into the “Deep State,” a U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) employee purportedly admits to breaking agency rules and being a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

UPDATE: According to Project Veritas, GAO has issued a statement saying that this employee has been “removed from any ongoing GAO work.” The statement reads:

[W]e cannot comment on his personnel status due to privacy laws. But he has been removed from any ongoing GAO work and cut off from access to GAO equipment. We have a rigorous quality control process with many reviewers that prevents one person from biasing our final reports. But we will also examine his work product as part of our investigation.

Project Veritas identifies its latest subject as Natarajan Subramanian, a GAO administrator and “self-proclaimed Communist,” appearing to tell an undercover journalist that federal employees may calculatingly subvert President Donald Trump’s agenda by simply accomplishing tasks at a slower pace.

“If you’re in [an] executive branch agency you can slow ball things to a degree, that it’s like ineffective, and maybe you get in trouble, or maybe you get fired or resign or whatever, but you slowed [Trump’s agenda] down for a certain period of time,” Subramanian says.

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