Dem Chastises Man Dems Called ‘Evil’ For Fighting Back

Get ready to hear a lot of this intellectually dishonest heads-I-win, tails-you-lose argument from Democrats over the next few days, and not just from Kirsten Gillibrand. The Democratic senator from New York clucked her tongue at Brett Kavanaugh’s anger during yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, saying it was “discouraging” to witness his “partisan attacks.” Gillibrand has no choice to conclude that it shows his unfitness for the court.

Of course, Gillibrand leaves a few things out of this, including the fact that she announced her opposition to Kavanaugh from the moment he was nominated. But that’s not the biggest issue with this deeply dishonest take:

I thought the second half, though, was so discouraging. I thought the way Judge Kavanaugh started with partisan attacks — it really made me question his fitness for this office, the fact that he does not have the temperament or the character or the honesty or the integrity to be a Supreme Court justice. I was really disturbed by the second half of the hearing, and I was disturbed by my Republican colleagues and how they acted and in what they said.

She’s disturbed by the behavior of her Republican colleagues? What about her own colleagues? One of the reasons Kavanaugh wanted this hearing was to address the obloquy that had been aimed at him for months, especially from Cory Booker (D-NJ). Booker erupted into histrionics during the first hearing, declaring himself Spartacus for releasing e-mails that turned out to be (a) nothingburgers and (b) material that had already been approved for release anyway.

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