Conservative Heroine Scores Big in Prime Time Debate

Marsha Blackburn may have scored an early knockout in her battle with Phil Bredesen at the first debate (of two) in the closely watched 2018 Tennessee senatorial race.

At least that’s what I thought, viewing the Cumberland University proceedings on the CBS affiliate here in Nashville. But I’m biased. I wanted Marsha to win.

I hasten to add that all reporters or pundits are biased, especially the ones who pretend otherwise. They’re the ones to watch out for.

But back to the debate. The terms were set in the candidates’ opening statements. Blackburn said that no matter what Bredesen claimed about his independence he was bought and paid for by Chuck Schumer and would act accordingly in the Senate. Bredesen, who had anticipated this attack, had already insisted it was otherwise. He was his own man and would, of course, behave in that manner in D.C., courageously calling ’em as he saw ’em.

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