RED ALERT: Texas Senate Race Moves to Toss-Up

The Texas Senate race between incumbent Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and Democrat Beto O’Rourke is now a toss-up, according to the nonpartisan forecaster Cook Political Report.

Cook changed its rating of the race Friday from lean Republican to the toss-up category. The closely-watched race has captivated observers as O’Rourke, a four-term congressman from El Paso, appears to be within striking distance of Cruz. The two will go head-to-head in their first debate Friday night in Dallas. They will debate two more times before November.

Two recent polls gave different views of the heated race. A Quinnipiac poll put Cruz up by 9 points, but a day later a Reuters poll found O’Rourke up by 2 points. The two are spending a lot of time in Harris County, which will likely determine who wins in November.

The Cook report also shifted two other Senate races, one toward Republicans and the other toward Democrats. Democratic Sen. Jon Tester’s race in Montana was moved to lean Democrat from likely Democrat, meaning the race is a bit more competitive than originally expected. And Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin’s re-election bid in West Virginia was moved to likely Democrat from toss-up. Recent polls have put Manchin well ahead of his Republican challenger.

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