Trump Slams Republicans For Abandoning Wall?

President Trump blasted Republicans on Thursday for not including funding for the southern border wall in what he described as a “ridiculous” spending bill passed by the Senate this week.

The Senate approved an $854 billion bill on Tuesday that funds the military and other civilian agencies for the next year. It also includes a short-term fix the keep the government open into December. It includes $675 billion for the Pentagon, as well as a $206 million increase in money to fight opioid addiction.

The bill, approved 93-7, now goes to the House ahead of a Sept. 30 deadline to avoid a government shutdown. But Republican congressional leaders have said they would prefer to tackle the border wall after the midterms in November. The appropriations for the Department of Homeland Security will be handled after Dec. 7, where the money for the wall would be set.

But the Republican inaction drew the ire of Trump on Thursday.