George W. Bush Returns to Campaign Trail – But Not For Him?

Karen noted earlier that George W. Bush is lending a hand to Texas Republicans this year — which is amazing, for more than one reason. Who would have thought in 2008 that Dubya would ever again be an asset to the GOP on the campaign trail, especially in the age of Trump? And who would have thought that his party might actually need him to show up in his home state of all places, normally one of the safest red strongholds in America?

So he’s being a team player … except for one guy, who’s never been much of a team player himself.

Imagine being told circa 2014, at the height of the tea party, that Ted Cruz needs George Bush’s help to win in Texas. What sort of political circumstances would your mind conjure to explain that statement? They probably wouldn’t involve Donald Trump, no matter how MAGA-fied you might be.

I can hear the Cruz Crew’s retort already. “How do you know he wants Dubya’s help?” Uh, why wouldn’t he? It’s all hands on deck to hold the seat. Cruz already has Trump in his corner to shore up the populist vote; he could use someone well-liked by establishmentarians to help wrangle centrist Republicans, especially if that someone happens to be universally known and relatively popular with the sort of Latino voters in Texas whom Beto O’Rourke is aggressively courting. I can hear the retort to that too, actually: “Sure, Cruz wants to win but his entire brand is being anti-establishment. He wouldn’t suddenly trot out Mr. Establishment to campaign for him.”

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