Expect the Unexpected in Critical Governor’s Race

This is not the governor’s race we expected.

But for Andrew Gillum’s historic upset Tuesday, we would have had Democratic nominee Gwen Graham or Philip Levine doing what Florida Democrats always do — relentlessly court moderate, swing voters.

In Ron DeSantis vs. Gillum, the choice is starker, a potentially dramatic generational change. A 39-year-old hard right Republican backed by President Donald Trump versus a 39-year-old hard left Democrat backed by Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Based on Day One of the general election, we also can expect ugly racial politics and heaping doses of socialism talk. DeSantis, the Yale and Harvard law grad and current congressman presumably too smart to clumsily misspeak, said on Fox News that Floridians should not “monkey this up” by electing Tallahassee’s mayor for governor, whom he described as “articulate”.

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