Red Wave? Oregon Governor’s Race Looks Bad For Libs

The major threat of the “blue wave” is that it might sweep over not only purple but even red districts and states, tossing control of the House back to the Democrats and threatening the Senate majority. But what about that “red wave” that the President keeps talking about? Here’s an interesting possibility I didn’t see coming. What if a partial red wave washed up on the shores of Oregon, flipping the governorship there to the Republicans? The current officeholder, Kate Brown, looked like a sure bet, particularly in the era of the Trump Resistance. But if that’s the case, why is she neck and neck with her GOP opponent in the latest polls? (Washington Times)

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown positioned herself early on as a leader of the anti-Trump opposition, but the state’s never-ending panoply of protest activity has backfired on her re-election bid with voters suffering from resistance fatigue.

Just how bad is the polling news for the formerly unsinkable Kate Brown? Back in January, an Oregon Public Broadcasting poll had her leading Knute Buehler by seventeen points and the race seemed to be all over but the shouting. But as the year wore on, while nobody was paying much attention, something began to change. By the middle of July, a Gravis Research poll had the race in a dead heat. Two weeks ago a Clout Research survey had Buehler pulling ahead by one.

So what happened? Brown has no recent scandals of note either from her personal life or her administration. Living in the heart of #RESIST country and progressive activism, she’s the ideal candidate on paper. It’s still the Year of the Women and she’s female. As a bonus, she’s also openly bisexual. If she weren’t white she’d have just about all the boxes checked.

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