Fmr Presidential Contender Goes Down in Primary. Here’s Why.

On Tuesday, former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty was rejected by Republican voters in his gubernatorial primary with Jeff Johnson, a commissioner from Hennepin County. The main cause of his defeat: failure to follow President Trump with enough alacrity.

So why is Trump such a litmus test for primary voters?

For the same reason Trump was elected: attitude.

There’s been a continuous two-year effort afoot to intellectualize Trumpism, as though Trump’s popularity is tied to his policy proposals. That’s nonsense. Trump won the Republican primaries because he was — by far — the most aggressive, no-holds-barred candidate. Republican primary voters wanted to see Hillary Clinton pummeled on stage, and Trump offered the best promise of that. After brutalizing Jeb Bush and reducing Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz to frustrated stammering, Trump proceeded to pile drive Hillary Clinton at every opportunity. Republican primary voters got precisely what they bargained for.

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