New Polling Reveals Terrifying Percent of Dems Support Open Borders

Trump has passed the three-week mark of blistering media coverage following the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. Media outrage reached a fever pitch as stories regarding the administration’s zero-tolerance policy at the border became public.

Trump has since stopped the separation policy of families at the border yet the outrage continues.

New polling, however, indicates that in spite of media outcry, the vast majority of the American public agrees with Trump. A Harvard-Harris poll indicates that an overwhelming majority of Americans think that illegal aliens should be returned to their country of origin, want stricter immigration laws and favor a physical border wall.

But Democrats’ response on the hot-button issue of immigrants being allowed to remain in the United States if they make it to the border was stunning. The pollster asked, “Do you think that people who make it across our border illegally should be allowed to stay in the country or sent home?”

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