Trump Goes to War With Koch Brothers

At least Donald Trump called Charles and David Koch “two nice guys” while going out of his way to insult them on Twitter. The frustration between the populists and the libertarians broke out into the open this morning, with Trump castigating the wealthy activist brothers as “globalist” for opposing his trade policies, and claimed that they have become a “total joke” within the GOP:

As Trump himself surely knows, no one who spends tens of millions of dollars for a party’s candidates is ever a “joke,” total or not, at least within that party. Tom Steyer is only a joke outside the Democratic Party, even though most Democrats have been attempting to distance themselves at light speed from his “impeachment now” messaging. Why? He’s spending $110 million this cycle to elect Democrats, that’s why.

Speaking of which, the Kochs planned to spend $400 million in this cycle, help which Republicans can desperately use in what’s shaping up as a tough midterm cycle. The two Kochs spent nearly a billion dollars in the 2016 cycle, much of that beneficial to the GOP, more than doubling what they spent in 2012. Regardless of their trade policies — or for that matter their heterodoxy on cannabis and same-sex marriage — that kind of help will definitely keep one out of the “joke” category. But like Trump, the Kochs have started getting picky about their allies too:

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