Dems Show Utter Desperation on Kavanaugh

Since Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, we’ve learned he has a strong interest in administrative law. As well he should — his current court, the D.C. Circuit, is the nation’s preeminent court for administrative law cases.

Why should we care about administrative law? And does Kavanaugh’s interest in the subject mark him as liberal or conservative?

Administrative law governs the government: The procedures the government must follow, the opportunity it must give the public to speak and be heard when new laws are being written, and the weight that courts must give to federal agencies’ decisions — these are essential questions of administrative law.

That is why administrative law is so important: It goes to the heart of our democratic system of government. Important “ad law” cases often concern the public’s ability to provide meaningful input on new rules and the advance notice the public gets before it must comply with a new legal requirement or be subject to penalty for not obeying it.

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