Embattled Dem’s Campaign Avoiding Taxes

Democratic senator Bill Nelson (Fla.) has been avoiding common campaign expenses such as paying payroll tax and providing benefits such as health insurance by staffing his reelection effort solely through contractors, a rarely used and frowned-upon tactic.

Nelson’s filings with the Federal Election Commission so far this cycle contain no disbursements for payroll or salary, nor payments for payroll taxes that come along with having salaried workers. Also missing are any payments for health insurance, which campaigns provide to full-time employees.

The lack of full-time employees on campaign disclosure forms doesn’t mean the campaign isn’t staffed, but rather that it is being staffed through contractors who, like employees, are paid regularly.

Gregory Goddard, who on his LinkedIn page says he’s been the Nelson campaign’s finance director since January 2017, has received regular payments from the campaign since the beginning of the cycle for his work as a “fundraising consultant.”

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