Maxine Waters Unloads on Her Own Party [VIDEO]

Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) shot back at Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer after their criticisms of her recent call to harass Trump administration officials, saying Sunday those in leadership “will do anything” to protect their positions.

Waters encouraged supporters to heckle and harass Trump administration officials at a rally last weekend, leading to unusually sharp rebukes from her own party.

Without using her name, Schumer (D., N.Y.), the Senate Minority Leader, called such rhetoric “not American” and remarked, “I strongly disagree with those who advocate harassing folks if they don’t agree with you.” House Minority Leader Pelosi (D., Calif.) linked to an article about Waters’ remarks on Twitter and said it was “unacceptable.”

On MSNBC’s “AM Joy” for her “Moment of Maxine,” Waters was asked by liberal host Joy Reid if she was surprised to receive criticism from her own leadership.

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