GOP Rising Star to Continue Campaign After Serious Injuries in Fatal Car Crash

Republican congressional candidate Katie Arrington plans to stay in the race to represent South Carolina’s 1st District after sustaining severe injuries in a car crash over the weekend that left her in critical condition.

During a press conference Monday with Sen. Tim Scott and doctors at the Medical University of South Carolina, Arrington spokesman Michael Mule said she would continue her campaign.

Arrington, who ousted incumbent Rep. Mark Sanford, R-S.C., in the June 12 primary, was seriously injured on Friday in a car wreck that left one person dead. In a statement posted to Facebook on Saturday, her campaign said that she underwent surgery after she was injured when a driver traveling in the wrong direction hit her car. A friend who was also in the car was seriously injured.

Arrington suffered a fracture in her back, several broken ribs and other injuries that required surgery, including the removal of part of her small intestine and a portion of her colon. According to doctors, Arrington also was bleeding from the abdominal wall and sustained small bowel injuries.