Conservatives Ready Emergency Bill on Immigrant Family Separation

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., said he would introduce legislation Tuesday aimed at resolving the growing problem of immigrant family separation at the border.

Speaking on Fox News, Meadows said the bill won’t get into other issues like funding for President Trump’s border wall or language to protect “Dreamers.”

Republicans and Democrats have been fighting for months over how to address those issues, and have gotten no where legislatively. But Meadows’ new approach could let Congress put that fight on the back burner for now, and address a problem that many Republicans fear could hurt them in the midterm elections.

“We’re going to introduce later today a piece of legislation that actually is more narrow than the two pieces that the president will be talking about with members of Congress this afternoon,” said Meadows, who chairs the conservative House Freedom Caucus. “What it does, it deals with this issue that we’re having at the border with the separation of children from their parents.”

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