Class Warfare Dem Wears Rolex in New Ad

He couldn’t wear a regular wristwatch. It had to be a Rolex. That’s just a little awkward for Brian Flynn.

The top Democrat running in New York’s 19th Congressional District took out a full page ad in the Albany Times Union slamming the “billionaires” and the “corporations” who “have rigged the system against us.” It is a pretty typical political ad. He looks stern with his arms crossed and his sleeves rolled up on his blue dress shirt — literally a blue collar! And then, there’s the $8,950 timepiece on his wrist.

Connoisseurs looking at his social media will recognize the watch as the Rolex GMT Master-II. The choice of fighter pilots and frat boys with large trust funds, it makes a statement but not the kind a progressive politician might want to make.

Rolex watches offer “performance and prestige,” and the Rolex GMT Master-II does not disappoint. The Swiss company makes the watch case and band from oystersteel, fashions the hour-markers from 18 carat gold, and brings the piece alive with a self-winding mechanism at its heart.

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