How Republicans Could Win Back California’s Governor’s Mansion

Gavin Newsom got the Republican opponent he wanted for November’s general election, but it may turn into a much bumpier ride to the finish line than he imagined.

Businessman John Cox is not to be underestimated. Coming out of the gate in the general election campaign, Cox is looking more in tune with many California voters, both in substance and style, than Newsom.

Newsom is clearly a celebrity, and he was acting like one during his “Governor Newsom” victory stroll through the Ferry Building the day after the primary. Cox comes across much less as a polished politician and more like the guy who would help you load your sport utility vehicle for a family weekend trip to Clear Lake.

And listen again to his victory speech Tuesday night, if you want to know how he’s going to hammer Newsom. It isn’t just that we need to build more housing — it’s that the price of housing is ridiculous. The schools are a mess and have been for years. And who’s responsible for that? Not the Republicans — they haven’t had a whiff of power in Sacramento for nearly a decade.

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