LOL: Another Dem Campaign Unionizes

An upstart union aimed at organizing campaign workers has made inroads in Florida.

Staffers for Democratic state representative David Richardson’s congressional campaign have joined the Campaign Workers Guild. Richardson, who is seeking to fill the seat of retiring Republican representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinan, is the 18th Democratic candidate in the country and the first in Florida to unionize in the 2018 election cycle. The movement appears to be growing.

“Through a tough contract fight, workers for David Richardson stood together and fought hard to win a fair contract,” Guild president Laura Reimers said in a statement to Florida reporters. “I am tremendously proud to have all of these workers in our fight. Their example will pave the way for campaign workers across the country who are finally getting to experience what it feels like to bargain collectively, stand together, and improve their working conditions.”

Staffers who supported the union said winning a contract with the Richardson campaign was a tough battle. His field organizer Melissa Mihm told the Miami Herald they had to fight “tooth and nail” to organize.

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