Republican Showdown on Immigration Looms

House Republicans are on the brink of an embarrassing showdown over immigration that Speaker Paul Ryan and his leadership team have been desperately trying to avoid.

As lawmakers left Washington for the Memorial Day recess in late May, GOP centrists gave immigration hard-liners a choice: Allow a vote on a bill that includes a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers — or we’ll team with Democrats to force votes on bipartisan immigration legislation you hate.

But most House Freedom Caucus members are spurning the offer. Several told POLITICO they see no reason to relent on the citizenship issue. A “special pathway,” as they call it, would only betray their beliefs and their base — for a vote on a bill that has no chance of becoming law.

“Negotiations are ongoing, but … I do not believe that the American people elected Republicans to create any type of ‘special pathway’ to citizenship for the DACA individuals,” said Freedom Caucus founder Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who’s negotiating with moderates and GOP leaders. “So we’re trying to work around that. That to me is a real concern.”

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