SHOCK POLL Puts Powerful Dem on Endangered Species List

A new curious poll was released right before the Memorial Day break that suggests the New Jersey Senate race is already closing.

Since presumed Republican nominee Bob Hugin, the former chairman and CEO of the Celgene pharmaceutical corporation, has already spent $3.7 million on his campaign in conjunction with the June 5th primary, it is not particularly surprising that the margin between he and Sen. Bob Menendez (D) is getting tighter.

What appears unusual are the raw numbers from the recent Fairleigh Dickinson University survey, however. The poll (5/16-21; 856 NJ registered voters) looks to be sound methodologically, and the numbers reported for various approval ratings and other data points seem consistent with previously released research. The ballot test, however, raises questions because the incumbent’s support figure is so low and the undecideds high (46%). According to the F-D study, Sen. Menendez leads Mr. Hugin only 28-24%.

Despite the veteran Senator seeing the federal bribery case against him fall apart and charges dismissed, his reputation has still suffered. The F-D report finds the Senator’s favorability index at 33:39% favorable to unfavorable with only 51% of Democrats answering with a positive response. In comparison, the state’s junior Senator, Cory Booker (D), posts a 55:27% ratio and a positive rating among Democratic respondents of 79%.

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