Paul Ryan Pushes Back on Those Seeking Early Exit

Speaker Paul D. Ryan defended himself Tuesday amid reports of threats to his leadership position and reiterated his view that it’s not in Republicans best interest to have a divisive leadership race before the November midterm elections.

“Obviously I serve at the pleasure of the members; those are the people who drafted me in this job the first place,” the Wisconsin Republican said when asked if he is confident he will remain speaker through the election. “But I think we all agree the best thing for us is to complete our agenda and not wedge into the completion of our agenda divisive leadership elections.”

One report from Politico said top Republicans were questioning Ryan’s effectiveness as speaker and arguing that he’s lost some juice now that he’s a lame duck. Other news articles have raised similar questions, although, when asked publicly, most members say they disagree that Ryan is any less effective now and believe he should stay in his role.

“The members drafted me into this job because of who I am and what I stand for,” Ryan said.

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