Stormy’s Lawyer’s Wife Has Big News to Share With Fox

Lawyer Michael Avenatti is too busy defending porn star Stormy Daniels to attend to important business involving his own wife – who desperately wants a divorce, she told Fox News.

The ubiquitous attorney, who has become CNN’s favorite prime time guest, represents the porn queen, who claims she had a 2006 fling with President Trump and believes Trump is defaming her by denying it. But while he is basking in the limelight, his wife says their divorce proceedings have stalled.

“I need to be divorced and if [Michael Avenatti] continues to paint the narrative, he can ignore our case!” Lisa Storie-Avenatti wrote in a text message from their home in Newport Beach, Calif. Storie did not explain what she meant by “the narrative” and how exactly Avenatti was ignoring the divorce.

Storie married Avenatti in 2011. Just months before he started pursuing the legal challenge against Trump, he filed for divorce. Court records claim Storie kicked him out of the house and changed the locks.