Terrorist Killing Combat Vet Releases First Ad

Michigan Republican Senate candidate and Army combat veteran John James released an ad Friday that begins with a clip of terrorists being obliterated by a missile from an Apache helicopter, which James used to pilot.

In James’ first television ad, obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation, the 37-year old Iraq War veteran and Detroit businessman explains why he is running for U.S. Senate while standing next to a U.S. Army Hellfire missile.

“Hunting terrorists in the skies above Baghdad, there are two things you need—faith in God, and a Hellfire missile, James said. I flew Apaches because I wanted to take the fight to the enemy. Now I’m volunteering for a new fight. To secure the borders, defend our Constitutional rights and protect Michigan jobs,” James continued. “I hate politics but I love this country.”

James’ name has continued to gain national attention after receiving a long list of endorsements for his efforts to defeat Michigan Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow, including National Security Adviser John Bolton, who endorsed James days before President Donald Trump appointed him to serve.

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