Liberal Attack Group Has Massive War Chest for ’18

The Southern Poverty Law Center is stockpiling close to half a billion dollars to blacklist conservatives, slander its critics, and redefine what “hate” means in America today.

As the Capital Research Center first reported, the SPLC disclosed in a new IRS filing that it had $477 million in assets in October after taking in an astounding $136 million that year. The year before, it had total revenue of only $58 million, which means total revenue rose by over 200 percent in a single year.

There has been no comparable leap in bigotry or poverty. Hate crime statistics don’t reflect such a massive shift. So why is the SPLC taking in more money than ever?

Posing as a civil rights watchdog, the SPLC lumps mainstream conservatives in with fringe extremists, white-supremacists, and neo-Nazis as a matter of policy. According to the SPLC, opposition to open borders and multiculturalist initiatives is indicative of hate, and all political expression of those views is “hate speech.”

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