Dems Apologize for Cropping Melania Out of Viral Bush Funeral Photo

A Texas Democratic group has apologized for cropping Melania Trump out of a photo that went viral from Barbara Bush’s funeral.

“I apologize for the confusion. There were two pictures posted side by side and I must have grabbed the wrong one. Melania was not purposely excluded nor was this meant to be a controversial post. I meant to change it but became busy. Once again I apologize,” a tweet from the Lubbock Democratic Headquarters read, according to the Daily Mail Thursday.

In the original shot taken just before the funeral service last Saturday, the photo shows the first lady standing next to Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, George W. and Laura Bush with former president George H.W. Bush in the front. In the cropped one, Trump is not there.

The photo, taken by George H. W. Bush’s spokesperson, went viral on Sunday. The Lubbock Democratic party decided to share the photo on its Facebook page, but with Trump cut out.

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