Shocking Scandal Casts Shadow Over Top-Tier Senate Race

Ordinarily, a GOP governor filing a restraining order against his state’s Republican attorney general, who happens to be running for one of the most competitive U.S. Senate seats in the country, would be politically devastating for the candidate.

In Missouri, however, Republicans hope it will help the challenger’s campaign to defeat Sen. Claire McCaskill.

Earlier this week, state Attorney General Josh Hawley announced his office found evidence of potential criminal wrongdoing by Eric Greitens, alleging the governor stole electronic property by using the donor list from his veterans charity for his own campaign fundraising. Greitens then sought a court order to prohibit Hawley from investigating him.

And that’s the least of both men’s worries. The case is separate from the real blockbuster scandal involving Greitens, who was indicted in February on an invasion-of-privacy charge amid allegations he took semi-nude photos of a woman with whom he was having an extramarital affair to be used for blackmail. Last week, a GOP-lead Missouri House committee investigating Greitens released a report with disturbing details of the allegations against him, including violent and unwanted sexual assault.

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