GOP Attorney General, Senate Candidate Add to Governor’s Legal Woes

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley (R) said his office has uncovered evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Gov. Eric Greitens (R), adding to a pile of legal woes that threaten to end Greitens’s political career.

In a press conference in Jefferson City on Tuesday, Hawley said his office had uncovered evidence that Greitens improperly obtained a donor list from a charity he ran before seeking office, and used that list to raise money for his campaign.

“If proven, these acts could amount to the unauthorized taking and use of property,” Hawley said Tuesday. “Given the value of the list in question, it is a felony.”

Greitens, a retired Navy SEAL, obtained the donor list from his charity The Mission Continues, without the group’s knowledge, Hawley said. He alleged Greitens had engaged in computer tampering, an allegation that goes beyond state law governing charitable organizations and into the criminal code.

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